Our repeater is linked in with three other repeaters in the USA.  How do we do it?  With Zello...


Zello is a PTT App (free) you can download on your smartphone.  There you create a username/password.  Then once you are set up you click the "Channels" category in the main menu and search for 



This channel is linked to these physical RF GMRS Repeaters.

MICHIGAN 625 - St. Joseph, Michigan

NWI GMRS (Gary600) - Gary, Indiana

SIOUX FALLS 675 - Sioux Falls, S. Dakota
GRUNDY 700 - Morris, Illinois (Coming Soon)​

Once you log into the channel, please give your call-sign, name and your location.  Only Admins and Moderators will be able to hear you until you are "Trusted" into the channel.

This channel is for licensed GMRS Users.  Send us an email as so we can validate your GMRS credentials and we'll inform all the other repeater owners, then we will bring you in.

Once you are joined in. When you key up, please announce yourself with your call-sign, you are transmitting on RF repeaters.


If you would like to listen to our network, you can do so by clicking the link to the left under the Zello badge.


We look forward to having you join our network.

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